SASS – get the last key from a map & get the last value from a map

Get last Key

Combine `nth()`, `map.keys()` and `length()`

nth(map_keys($map), length($map))

// example, bootstrap 4 `$grid-breakpoints`
nth(map_keys($grid-breakpoints), length($grid-breakpoints)) // xl

From last key, get last value

Known the key, get the value using `map.get()`

map_get($grid-breakpoints, nth(map_keys($grid-breakpoints), length($grid-breakpoints)));

// Or you can wrap the function at the top:
@function get-last-map-key($map) {
  @return nth(map_keys($map), length($map));

// then use:
map_get($grid-breakpoints, get-last-map-key($grid-breakpoints));